Tour-de-Sock, stage 2: I remembered it again

10:05 AM

The second round of Tour-de-Sock had its kick-off at 2 AM on a Sunday morning. At 10 AM the same morning I headed to the airport, hoping to have plenty of travel knitting time. Unfortunately, I was only flying to Trondheim. That means two short flights with a layover that is spent getting your luggage through customs and checking them back in for the connecting flight... I did invest in on board knitting, though, as I bought a set of KnitPro Symfonie wood DPNs - I was afraid that they might confiscate my ChiaoGoo metallic circular needles at the security check. The choice turned out to be good, as I really prefer wooden needles and the smallest KnitPro DPNs come in sets of 6, meaning that I had an extra needle to use as a cable needle.

Pattern: I Remembered It Again by Heidi Nick
Yarn: Handu merinosukkis (75 % merino, 25 % polyamide), colorway Unikko (Poppy) 70 g
Needles: 2.5 mm

There wasn't that much knitting time during the travelling, and once I got to Trondheim I didn't exactly sit at the hotel and knit. The town is nice and compact, so I walked around a lot, visited several yarn shops and took the occasional knitting break admiring the view when possible. That didn't get these socks done, so I had knitting to do on my homebound journey, and only finished the socks once I got back home. That meant that I finished 183rd... At least I was using sponsor yarn this time, so it was two points for my team. Team, that is appropriately called 'Traveling stitchers'!

The pattern was nice and easy to knit, as long as you pay attention to the charts. Which I didn't, of course, and ended up redoing one of the cables: by the time I got to the heel I noticed that I had started to twist the cable the wrong way soon after the cuff. No-one would probably ever notice, but it would bother me, so a bit of extra work there. I like the cables on these socks, and if it weren't a competition I would have modified the pattern leaving out the purl diamonds and doing cables all around.

This yarn is super soft merino wool and I can't believe that these socks could take much wear, even with the 25 % polyamide reinforcement. We'll see, it's Business Woman's birthday next week, and I think I have just the right birthday present for her ("I love the color", she said when she saw the socks. "Can I try them on? Oh, they fit perfectly!").

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  1. Handun langat on sikakestäviä. Millä tarkoitan, että pesen omani kuudessakympissä eivätkä mene miksikään.

    1. Mahtavaa! Lanka on niin pehmoista, ettei uskoisi sen mitenkään kestävän käyttöä.


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